NextMenu is the technology that powers modern, fully connected, digital hospitality venues.

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NextMenu consists of Self-Order Kiosks and Tablets connected with Dashboards in the kitchen / bar and Smart-Watches / Smart-Glasses worn by waiters.

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Customer-Driven Point of Sale

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Interactive Digital Menu

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Real-Time In-Venue Communication Tool

Customer-Driven Point of Sale

Interactive Digital Menu

Real-Time In-Venue Communication Tool

Why use NextMenu

NextMenu solves 5 out of 7 common problems restaurants face.

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Menu Monetisation

Find your most profitable menu by changing it fast, frequently, for free.

NextMenu can track and analyze how your customers browse your menu and select items. Use this data to reinvent your menu.


Service Improvement

Eliminate delays in responding to your customers' needs.

Maintain service quality and speed during the busiest times, by digitally connecting all parts of your venue for real time information flow.


Experience Enrichment

Offer an elevated experience to your customers by bringing your menu to life.

Captivate your customer with a visually rich, dynamic and interactive menu. Let them order, pay, call waiter and get more information with a simple tap.


Management Empowerment

Make better decisions by measuring a new dimension of data.

NextMenu is the Crystal Ball of your venue, that can track every action of every person for completely new KPIs. Measure it, so you you can manage it.


Staff Retention

Motivate your service staff by replacing repetitive tasks with more customer face-time.

Your team should engage with customers or serve orders, not waste time with card readers and POS systems. Let NextMenu deal with order and payment capture.

NextMenu also brings you

Revenue boost

Revenue Boost

Add a new sales channel to your venue. Increase your up-sell using automated recommendations. Generate more loyalty and repeat business.

Cost reduction

Cost Reduction

Reduce waiter overheads and use more time on service by automating order capture. Serve more customers with the same service team.



Pull ahead of you competition by winning over millennials who expect instant, digital and interactive form of engagement.

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